Minhocão GIF

This is just a quick post on a GIF I made during my teenage ears, which I would now like to share with the rest of the world. These pictures where taken at Minhocão (Portuguese for “Big Earthworm”), an infamous elevated highway at my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil.

Sneaking through the beautiful apartment complexes on the winding route of the São João avenue, Minhocão is a symbol of the chaotic and inhumane atmosphere of São Paulo. I would go as far as classifying it as an urbanistic aberration, yet I think it somehow captures the post-apocalyptic beauty hidden behind the rundown façades of São Paulo’s downtown.

A human figure with a blue light emanating from its head moves towards the camera through an elevated highway illuminated by dim orange light poles

Anyway, I would like to thank my friend Caio Almeida for helping me out with this GIF: I was the model and he was the one pulling the trigger.