I like maths & free software

I’m an undergraduate in pure mathematics. I also spend some of my free time contributing to free software like Mathics and asciidoctor/asciimath.


Email 📩ī¸

pablo-escobar [at] riseup.net

Matrix đŸ’Ŧī¸


sourcehut ⭕


PGP public key 🔐ī¸

My public PGP key

Free Services I Host

Locally hosted Git repositories 🙀ī¸


TikZ gallery 🖌ī¸

A gallery full of mathematics-related TikZ drawings

SVG editor đŸ”ļī¸

A simple, visual SVG markup editor

PabloPad ✏ī¸

An online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time

Other Random Stuff

Software recommendations đŸ’ģī¸

The software I use

Notes on representation theory 🧮

My personal thoughts on representation theory (of groups), which is what I currently study (PDF)

Locally hosted photos 📸ī¸


My favorite movies 🎞ī¸

A list of all good movies I know