My name is Thiago Garcia, but my friends call me Pablo! I’m currently an undergraduate student in pure mathematics at the University of São Paulo (IME-USP), Brazil. I’m involved in the organization of two student run academic groups, the S4 Group and the A5 group. My main interests at the moment are representation theory and geometry — mainly differential geometry and adjacent fields.

Stuff I wrote

Notes on representation theory

My personal thoughts on representation theory (of groups), which is what I currently study (PDF)

An essay on the 3-sphere and some its quotients

Short notes on the 3-dimensional sphere, its group structure and some of its quotients by finite subgroups of its center, such as the projective space P3 (PDF)

Past talks

Quando alguma coisa é igual a alguma outra coisa? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, April 2021 (Slides)

Representações de Grupos Compactos: O que? Por que? Como? (Portuguese)

Study seminar RTAG, July 2021 (Slides)

Como Fazer Matemática com um Computador? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, August 2021 (Slides) (Video)

Mas afinal, quem são os inteiros p-ádicos? (Portuguese)

S4 Seminar, November 2021 (Slides) (Video)